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The Romance is not« one more box » but an aesthetic system designed as a whole. The art object of your system.
A modern and complete analog turntable with the highest degree of convenience. It needs only 5 minutes setting up.

The theorical choices are based on very strong physics background and duely tested by Pierre Lurne’s long experience.All the connoisseur favorite adjustments are possible. The difference is that you have not to be a technicien.
The arm can be removed from its base, allowing immediat exchange of the living part arm+ cartridge couple. Also avalaible separately

Gold and black
Main parts in solid black metacrylate
Metacrylate platter: thickness 30mm
No ringing material
Belt drive
Inverted bearing with the point of rotation on the center of gravity
Noiseless AC motor
New kind of suspension
Height adjustment from the top
Mechanical grounding
Dimensions: 400mmX400mm X200

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